Author: Ray Foxworth, DC, FICC, MCS-P

Person working on taxes

Pain in the Taxes

Benjamin Franklin said, “The only things of certainty are death and taxes,” neither of which we look forward to. No one likes to talk or think about their taxes; however, hiding under our proverbial blankets until April 15, and hoping for the best, is a sure-fire way to pay more and keep less. Like many of us, I employ an accounting firm to be sure that I am not paying more than I should. But what I have found is that while many accountants are great accountants, they are not always great tax strategists.

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Are Credit Balances Costing You Money?

Often, when we think about reviewing Accounts Receivable reports, we overlook the liability of credit balances. We tend to focus most of our attention on commercial payers and accounts that are over 60-90 days past due, but ignore balances with a credit that, unfortunately, can leave your practice open to numerous business and financial risks.

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