Home Study – ICS CME Quiz Program

Home Study – ICS CME Quiz Program

Category 1 hours may be obtained each year, by downloading and completing quizzes for the JMPT, JACA, ICS Practice Edge publications. All quizzes must be completed within one year of publication.

It is the participant’s individual responsibility to be able to access the publication articles.


  • Illinois Practice Edge articles can be found on the ICS website here
  • JMPT access are restricted to ACA members. However, when possible the quizzes are formulated from open access articles within these publications. JMPT here 


After downloading and completing the quiz, participants return the quiz to the ICS with a self-addressed stamped envelop for verification along with a check, when applicable to handle administrative fees. [No Additional charge for ICS General Members in good standing, $10.00 per credit hour for ICS Associate members (retired, out-of-state, full-time faculty) in good standing and $30.00 per credit hour for Non-ICS members]. The quiz will be graded and verified by a stamped signature and returned in your self addressed envelope.

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Questions regarding the Home Study Quiz program can be directed to Dawn Burchett, ICS Education Director at dawn@ilchiro.org or by calling (217) 525-1200.

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