At the Illinois Chiropractic Society, we are committed to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations.  That’s why we offer several opportunities to connect with Illinois doctors!

Our Connection Points:

ICS Corporate Club:

Illinois Chiropractic Society Corporate Club members are companies that provide services and/or products to chiropractic physicians in Illinois.

Marketing Emails:

As an exclusive benefit to our Corporate Club Members, the ICS now offers a marketing email service. We will send your marketing email to our extensive list of contacts!

Illinois Practice Edge Advertising:

The Illinois Practice Edge is a weekly newsletter that is sent to nearly 3,000 Illinois chiropractic physicians and decision-makers.


Website Advertising:

We now offer a statewide ad service that displays your ad in the articles on our website.


Recognition Levels:

Members of the ICS Corporate Club are granted various levels of recognition in appreciation of their contributions towards the advancement of the chiropractic profession in Illinois and their support for the ICS.

2023 ICS Marketing Catalog:

In addition to the above information, we have also compiled a marketing catalog outlining all advertising and connection opportunities for vendors to reach the chiropractic community in Illinois.

Corporate Club Members

Article Categories