Policy Statements

Privacy Policy

The Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) has a policy regarding site users, usage, and privacy. You can find that full policy here.

Policy Statement on Endorsements

It is the Policy of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, Inc. that its name, logo and phrases or slogans about the Society and chiropractic are the property of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, Inc. The ICS reserves the right to control the usage of its name, logo and phrases or slogans by the Society, its District affiliates or any other entity whom the ICS chooses to permit such use by contract. Use of such name, logos or ICS mottoes is in no way an endorsement of product superiority by the ICS because the ICS has not conducted comparison tests of the products. The Society encourages chiropractic physicians to use the same discretion and judgment in product review under such endorsements as they otherwise would as a consumer. Additionally, the ICS encourages readers who are contemplating the use of any products or services to consult with an attorney for advice regarding laws that may apply.

Policy Statement on Publications

It is the Policy of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, Inc. that its periodicals are published on alternate months under the titles ICS Journal and ILAdvantage, and all publications (including ICS electronic publications and content available on its website at www.ilchiro.org/) are owned and published by the ICS for the purpose of promoting chiropractic progress and general health. The ICSholds itself without responsibility for the opinions, theories, or criticisms contained in its publications, periodicals and website, including but not limited to advertisements, reports and essays, except when otherwise decided by special resolution. The Editor, Staff, Executive committee and Directors of the ICS assume no responsibility for material contained in articles and advertisements published, and publication does not constitute a personal endorsement nor is it intended to operate as a legal opinion. Additionally, the ICS encourages readers who are contemplating the use of any products or services to consult with an attorney for advice regarding laws that may apply.

Policy Statement on Antitrust

The Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) has a policy of strict compliance with state and federal antitrust laws.  Violations of antitrust laws have serious consequences.  The ICS expects staff, officers, directors, Society members, education participants, education presenters, ICS vendors, ICS convention expo participants, contractors and any other entity doing business with the ICS, to observe state and federal antitrust laws that prohibit agreements among competitors that unreasonably restrain competition.  Charges of antitrust violations are often based upon discussions among competitors regarding prices, price levels or price mechanisms, refusals to purchase from certain suppliers of products or providers of services, division of markets by customer or territory, conditioning the purchase of one product or service upon the purchase of another product or service, and also include soliciting or communicating any health care provider’s views, decisions or intentions concerning any participation agreement, or agreements to participate or not participate in any network agreement, or any other type of boycott or refusal to do business with persons or businesses.  The ICS does not tolerate any such discussions during any ICS sponsored meeting or continuing medical education class, either during formal meeting sessions or during breaks or other events where informal discussions occur.  Additionally, the ICS does not tolerate any such discussions, whether formal or informal, which take place online, through private messages, or via email.

Terms of Use and License Agreement for Illinois Chiropractic Society Forms and Templates

The Illinois Chiropractic Society (ICS) grants exclusively to ICS members in good standing (“authorized users”) a non-transferable license to use ICS Forms and Templates for the purposes set out below. Your use of our site and its Forms and Templates constitute your agreement to abide by these Terms of Use and License of ICS Forms and Templates.

All forms and templates that have been developed by the ICS and contained on the Site are owned, controlled or licensed by the ICS, and are protected by intellectual property rights and unfair competition laws. Authorized users may use in their chiropractic practices ICS Forms and Templates as non-commercial informational, administrative, business, or compliance tools. Any other use, including commercial purposes, such as distribution, publication, or sale, is prohibited. Except as provided in this paragraph, no Forms or Templates may be used without the ICS’ express prior written consent.

The ICS does not make representations or warranties concerning the Forms and Templates. They are not intended as legal advice and are provided as guidance to be tailored to the needs of individual users. The ICS urges users to seek legal counsel as to particular requirements that may be recommended for various chiropractic practices.

Users acknowledge and agree that neither the ICS nor its board members, officers, employees or agents, will be liable for any loss or damage resulting from a user’s use of the Forms and Templates and the user hereby releases the ICS to the fullest extent from any such liability, loss, damage or claim.

This License terminates for any Illinois Chiropractic Society member user at such time as the member is no longer in good standing according to the ICS bylaws. Users who are not in good standing, including without limitation those who are not current in payment of dues, are not authorized to use ICS forms and Templates, and any such use is strictly prohibited.


As an approved continuing medical education (CME) sponsor in Illinois, the ICS is strongly committed to maintaining the integrity of its CME programming, including without limitation the awarding of credit for course participation. By registering for an ICS-sponsored class, the user acknowledges, understands, and agrees, that any attempt to misuse, misrepresent participation, report or claim credit for hours not properly attended, or any other circumvention of proper participation in Illinois Chiropractic Society CME, will result in forfeiture of user’s fee and ICS’ refusal to issue, or cancellation of, credit (certification) for such courses, and/or any such other action as the ICS deems appropriate.