The ICS provides information to our members on a regular basis. Beyond the extensive online information available through, the ICS fields hundreds of questions a week from members requesting information ranging from advertising to independent contractors, from fee splitting to the delegation of billing, from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Medicare… We have experts in a variety of areas to assist our members with many of their questions.

Affordable Health Insurance

For you, your family, and your office
  • Medova Health Care
  • Significant savings – Some members have saved more than $10,000/year
  • Available to employer groups with 2 or more employees (physician owners count and physician owner spouses may count),
  • Sixteen different plan options,
  • All plans offered are fully funded insurance plans, and
  • All plans meet Affordable Care Act guidelines and qualify as creditable coverage.

Earn CME Hours anytime – anywhere

110+ On- Demand Courses
  • Over 110 On-Demand courses available
  • 24 Live Webinars (Yearly)
  • Easily searchable topics
  • Readily available CME certificates and tracking

Member Deals

Exclusive Entertainment & Travel Offers

ICS members receive exclusive discounts for:

  • Theater tickets
  • Theme parks
  • Hotels
  • Movie tickets
  • Ski tickets
  • And much more

Discount Supplies

Special discounts just for ICS members

Scrip Hessco

ICS Member Exclusive Discount
10% off Chiropractic Supplies
Source Code: ICS2020


$60/mo unlimited EDI processing


10% off insurance premiums

Public Awareness

Promoting Chiropractic to the Public
  • Helpful videos
  • Patient-Centered Blogs
  • “Healthier You” Newsletter
  • Find-A-Doc Search Engine (Only ICS Members listed)


Unlimited access to articles and research projects

The ICS delivers relevant information to your inbox weekly (Illinois Practice Edge) and to your doorstep 6 times a year (The Advantage).


 We provide information on:
  • Reimbursement
  • Documentation
  • Compliance
  • Insurers
  • Legal
  • Advertising & Marketing


  • Practice Management
  • Clinical
  • Legislative
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Forms & Templates
  • And more


Advancing and protecting the profession
  • Chiropractic member of the state board of health
  • Brought the first limits to insurance recoupment practices
  • Added to the Medical Practice Act the ability for chiropractic physicians to delegate
  • Passed many other meaningful bills directly affecting chiropractic physicians around the state