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The ICS provides information to our members on a regular basis. Beyond the extensive online information available through, the ICS fields hundreds of questions a week from members requesting information ranging from advertising to independent contractors, from fee splitting to the delegation of billing, from Blue Cross/Blue Shield to Medicare… We have experts in a variety of areas to assist our members with many of their questions.


Unlimited access to articles and research projects

The ICS delivers relevant information to your inbox weekly (Illinois Practice Edge) and to your doorstep 6 times a year (The Advantage).


 We provide information on:
  • Reimbursement
  • Documentation
  • Compliance
  • Insurers
  • Legal
  • Advertising & Marketing


  • Practice Management
  • Clinical
  • Legislative
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Forms & Templates
  • And more

Earn CME Hours anytime – anywhere

220+ On- Demand Courses
  • Over 220 On-Demand courses available
  • 24 Live Webinars (Yearly)
  • Easily searchable topics
  • Readily available CME certificates and tracking

Member Deals

Exclusive Entertainment & Travel Offers

ICS members receive exclusive discounts for:

  • Theater tickets
  • Theme parks
  • Hotels
  • Movie tickets
  • Ski tickets
  • And much more

Discount Supplies

Special discounts just for ICS members

Scrip Hessco

ICS Member Exclusive Discount
10% off Chiropractic Supplies
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$60/mo unlimited EDI processing

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100% discount on on-demand courses and webinars

Public Awareness

Promoting Chiropractic to the Public
  • Helpful videos
  • Patient-Centered Blogs
  • “Healthier You” Newsletter
  • Find-A-Doc Search Engine (Only ICS Members listed)
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Advancing and protecting the profession
  • Chiropractic member of the state board of health
  • Brought the first limits to insurance recoupment practices
  • Added to the Medical Practice Act the ability for chiropractic physicians to delegate
  • Passed many other meaningful bills directly affecting chiropractic physicians around the state
Illinois State Capitol