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CME Credits

The Illinois Medical Practice Act requires 150 hours of CME for the licensing period, divided into 60 hours in Category I (formal) and 90 hours in Category II (informal). For the renewal period in 2002 and thereafter, physicians will be responsible for 150 hours for the three-year licensing period earned during that period.

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Meeting Legislators

The personal visit from an informed constituent is the single most effective lobbying technique. Emails and form letters get the least attention. Next are phone calls and original, personal letters. The personal visit rates highest in influence and the issues brought up are attended to more quickly and seriously.

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EIN Becomes a Standard Identifier

In a final rule published in the May 31, 2002 Federal Register, CMS (The Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services) established the Employer Identification Number (EIN) as the standard unique identifier for filing many healthcare transactions. See the announcement here.

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