Gov. Quinn Approves Chiropractic Physician’s Authority To Issue “Sick Notes”!

Gov. Quinn Approves Chiropractic Physician’s Authority To Issue “Sick Notes”!

Congratulations, again! Through the efforts of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, the Chiropractic profession took another step forward today as Governor Pat Quinn endorsed legislation that asserts a chiropractic physician’s authority to write certificates of sick leave or “sick notes” on behalf of teachers and students in Illinois.

Prior to this ICS initiated legislation becoming law, chiropractic physicians were not able to sign the “sick notes” for teachers and students. After a great deal of strategy and effort by the Illinois Chiropractic Society, both the House and the Senate passed this important legislation. The governor’s signature of Public Act 96-0367 marks the second chiropractic initiative enacted in 2009.

Click here to view the new Public Act.

The law became effective immediately upon the Governor’s signature. In other words, you are now able to certify sick leave for both students and teachers.

Also, if you did not see, this is the second ICS bill signed by the governor.

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