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2019 Chiropractic Physician of the Year Award

2019 Chiropractic Physician of the Year Award

Each year, the Illinois Chiropractic Society names an Illinois’ chiropractic physician “Chiropractic Physician of the Year.” Nominations for this prestigious award come from ICS members and their staff. Recipients of the Chiropractic Physician of the Year award are physicians who “go above and beyond” for their local community and the chiropractic profession.

  • Practice Management
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Patient Communication
  • Orthopedic
Medial Epicondylopathy

Medial Epicondylopathy

Medial epicondylopathy is the most frequent cause of medial elbow pain, but is 3-10 times less common than lateral epicondylopathy. (2,12-15) It is most prevalent in the fourth and fifth decade and affects men and women fairly equally.

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