Best Practice for Resolving Headaches and Neck Pain

Don’t miss Dr. Tim Bertelsman, DC, DACO, at the Chicagoland National Convention in Naperville on October 13-15. Learn to manage neck pain and headaches by gaining practical insights on structural and functional deficits, leaving you equipped to improve patient care.

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Hello fellow Illinois chiropractors. My name is Tim Bertelsman. I practice in Swansea but I’ll be up north for the Chicagoland National Convention October 13 through the 15th at the NIU Conference Center in Naperville. My six-hour class is managing neck pain and headaches. We’ll talk about the causes of those problems that are structural like disk lesions and degeneration. But more importantly, we’ll take a deep dive into the functional deficits that perpetuate those problems, things that if we miss our outcome suffer, I’ll show you the most sensitive and specific orthopedic tests to identify those problems, the most appropriate treatment including the home exercise recipe that we can give our patients. I promise that I’ll do my best to deliver practical information that you can apply on Monday morning. I look forward to seeing you in Naperville.

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Tim Bertelsman, DC, DACO

Dr. Bertelsman graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic with honors in 1991 and has been running a large successful multi disciplinary practice in Belleville, IL for over 20 years. He is an expert on establishing relationships within the medical community.He has lectured nationally for many years on clinical and business topics and has been published extensively. He has served in various leadership positions within the Illinois Chiropractic Society and currently serves as President of the executive board. Dr. Bertelsman is a Co-founder of ChiroUp.


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