2019 John “Doc” Davidson Award and 2019 President’s Award

2019 President’s Award and 2019 John “Doc” Davidson Award

At the 2019 Chicago National Convention, the ICS was proud to announce two distinguished award winners:

2019 John “Doc” Davidson Political Action Award: Dr. Vince Roberts, DC, FACO


2019 President’s Award: Dr. Douglas Gregerson, DC

2019 John “Doc” Davidson Political Award: Dr. Vince Roberts, DC, FACO

Dr. Vince Roberts, DC, FACO was honored with the John “Doc” Davidson Political Action Award. Dr. Roberts has been a strong political advocate for the chiropractic profession, while maintaining a full-time practice in Evanston, Illinois.

ICS President Dr. Panopoulos presents Dr. Roberts with the John “Doc” Davidson Political Action Award

The John “Doc” Davidson Political Action Award is nominated by the ICS staff and lobbying team. The award honors an individual who has gone above and beyond in political advocacy efforts. The award is only given periodically. It is named for the late, long-time former State Senator and chiropractic physician, John “Doc” Davidson.

Dr. Roberts has advocated in many ways for the profession. During the last year alone, he met with at least three state legislators regarding chiropractic inclusion in the Medicaid program. Dr. Roberts graciously donated extra time and effort following the meetings by providing additional information requested by the legislators. He has also attended political fundraisers on behalf of the IL Chiro PAC to support pro-chiropractic candidates.

Dr. Roberts’ efforts are not limited to only state-level advocacy initiatives. He recently met with U.S. Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky regarding full chiropractic inclusion in the federal Medicare program. Dr. Roberts is very responsive to ICS’ requests for advocacy assistance and has given much of his time and effort to support the profession and our patients.

Thank you, Dr. Roberts, for your advocacy efforts to help us advance the chiropractic profession!

2019 President’s Award: Dr. Douglas Gregerson, DC

The ICS President’s Award was recently awarded to Dr. Douglas Gregerson, D.C., a practitioner in Geneva, Illinois. Periodically, the ICS President may grant this award to a chiropractic physician who has demonstrated an exceptionally strong commitment to the profession and the ICS.

Dr. Gregerson has been a member of the ICS for over 17 years. During that time, he has regularly written and contributed scholarly radiology articles for several ICS publications, including the ICS Journal, The Practice EDGE, and the IL Advantage (an ICS member-only publication).  In so doing, he has immensely enriched the availability of ICS’ information in radiology and radiologic diagnoses.  His thoughtful articles have become an important part of the resources provided by the ICS to the chiropractic profession.

Thank you, Dr. Gregerson, for your generous commitment to the education of the profession!

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