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Trees in the shape of heads

Neurocognitive Disorders in Society

Throughout history, there has been a debate of where the seat of intelligence and cognition lives, with Hippocratic doctors arguing in favor of the brain, while Aristotle argued in favor of the heart as the dominant organ for sensation, cognition, and movement. Over time, the brain’s dominant role in cognition has become more apparent, and this has been depicted in the history of the arts.

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Long-Term Consequences of Head Injuries (CTE)

Concussion awareness and education have drastically increased over the past decade, and many are now aware of that head injuries may lead to negative long-term neurological consequences, such as dementia. Every year new research is published, enhancing our understanding of concussions and what we can do to help our patients with a history of head trauma. So, what do we know about the long-term consequences of concussions in 2020?

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