Author: Tim Bertelsman, DC, DACO

Person stretching their back

Define Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

The sacroiliac joint (SIJ) is the load-bearing, shock-absorbing union between the spine and pelvis. It is a mechanical link that connects the chain of locomotion to the rest of the body. This irregular, synovial and fibrocartilagenous joint is surrounded by a strong ligamentous-reinforced capsule and is minimally mobile, allowing only about 4 degrees of rotation and up to 1.6 mm of translation 1,2.

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Person standing outside with arms spread wide

Dysfunctional Breathing

Could Dysfunctional Breathing Be Suffocating Your Outcomes? The diaphragm is necessary not only for respiration but for core stability as well. (1-3) The diaphragm is a key trunk stabilizer during postural activity and must properly activate upon demand. Dysfunctional breathing patterns may perpetuate many common musculoskeletal problems involving the head, neck, shoulder, and lower back.

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