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Traveling? Consider a Fill-in Doctor

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Have you ever considered going on a trip but haven’t done it because you don’t have someone to cover your practice while you’re away? Did you know that you can hire a locum tenens doctor to fill in while you’re traveling? Check out this video to find out more!



I’m traveling today to a conference. And it reminded me of a conversation that I had recently with a group of chiropractic physicians. And we were talking about conferences and vacations and time away from the practice. And here’s what really came out. One of them talked about how recently, they were able to find somebody to come in and do fill-in work for them while they’re gone. And another two of the doctors that happened to be standing there in the group, both were like, wait a minute, that’s an option. You know, as I listened to the conversation, I realized that there could be a lot of our doctors that don’t realize that it is possible to hire a fill-in doctor or a locum tenens, chiropractic physician to come in and fill in for you and see your patients while you’re gone, whether it be on vacation, or away for work-related issues, such as a conference.

So I want you to be aware of this, it is possible. You can’t do it for an extended period of time, but they have what they call the Q six modifier, which means that they’re going to bill it’s going to be as if you’re performing it, they’re completing the medical records, the whole nine yards, you append the Q six modifier to that particular claim and they can submit on your behalf. So in that case, that would be SR patients. We’ve got several different videos and articles that are out there related to the Q six modifier and how to bill for the fill-in doctors but the biggest thing I wanted you to be aware of, it’s possible. You need to make sure that you take care of yourself, make sure that you need that you do what you need to do both for your own mental health and for you know, being able to spend time with your family. So make sure you take the time to find somebody to fill in for you and continue to see your patients so they can continue to get care, and you can continue to have a revenue stream. Hopefully, this information helps you out and we’ll catch you next week.

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Marc Abla, CAE

Marc Abla began working at the Illinois Chiropractic Society in 2002 and became the Executive Director in 2008. He brings his extensive financial, administrative and association experience to the ICS. He is a Certified Association Executive and a graduate of the Certified Leadership Series through the Illinois Society of Association Executives. Additionally, he is a member of the Illinois Society of Association Executives, the American Society of Association Executives, Association Forum, Congress of Chiropractic State Associations, and the American Chiropractic Association.

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