Top 3 Things to Start Today for 2026 Renewal

Prepare for a hassle-free renewal process by taking note of the top three vital lessons from the past year about CME and renewals. Check out the video for in-depth insights.

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What are the top three things that we learned over the last year surrounding renewal and CME? These are the things that you want to know today at the beginning of this renewal cycle to make sure that you don’t run into problems when 2026 rolls around. First is this Do not wait to complete your CME. We had so many doctors that waited until the last minute and ended up running into problems getting things done and taken care of because their practices were busy. But also we found this life happens and unfortunate things happen. We had several different doctors around the state that actually ended up running into a problem where they had waited to get their CME done and had life circumstances surrounding them in those final few months that prevented them from being able to dedicate the time to be able to get their CME.

However, if you start now, for example, even through the ICS, you’re able to acquire all of your category one CME hours just by attending our lunch and learns, we always promise our members that we will have at least 20 category one CME provided through our webinars that we hold about every two weeks. So check out the calendar at Get started today and also attend the conferences. It’s another way to grab quick education and get that done, we have one coming up in October, so please don’t miss that. The first thing is do not wait to get your CME.

The second is this, you want to start your category two CME log. Now, I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve had conversations with doctors over the last several months, who were trying to refigure. And remember everything they had done over the last three years, this is a simple process. We’ll grab a link down below to a CME log for our members, you can download that and just start keeping track of your hours, you can also just simply do it in an Excel document or in a Google Sheet document and just keep track of the date, what it is you did and the time that you spent on it. Remember, category two hours are these simple ones to come by start that log today.

The last one is this and I can’t tell you the number of times that we had issues with this, one doctor was audited and they cannot produce their CME certificates. And so they’re scrambling and trying to get those done. And in the meantime, they’re having a problem because they’re not licensed or because they’re not able to produce that or they’re not able to renew or whatever the case is because they cannot locate their category one CME hours certificate, so make sure that you keep a file, I recommend actually keeping a paper file and an electronic file of all of your category one CME certificates. And I would also keep a log on now the good news is for ICS members, you can actually upload certificates into the ICS website. We encourage you to do that, to be able to track all of those so that could be your electronic housing, but also keep those in a paper file as well. Just for easy access for you.

So the top three things, don’t wait to complete your CME hours. Start your category two log today and make sure you keep a copy of all of your category one CME certificates. We’ll catch you next week.

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