The Deadline Is Here!

Don’t wait! Renew your medical license before the upcoming deadline of Monday, July 31, 2023. Take advantage of the current waived renewal fees, as they will be reinstated at $543 after July 31, and processing times will be extended. Watch the video for further details and ensure you don’t miss out!

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The renewal deadline is here and you do not want to wait, you don’t want to delay any more in renewing your license. As soon as you have obtained all of the required continuing medical education hours, that’s the 150 total hours. A minimum of those 150 have to be category one. And of course, the the four required courses, you have to meet those specific requirements as well, which are those are part of category one. But as soon as you have those, you need to go in and renew the deadline is Monday, July 31, 2023. Unfortunately, if you wait past Monday, and you forget to renew, or you procrastinate and then run into some challenges on Monday wrapping it up, or whatever the case might be, and you don’t renew until Tuesday, instantly, everything begins to change.

Monday and before your renewal fee has been fully waived, which means when you renew, there is not going to be a charge for your renewal. However, that ends based on everything that we have. And based on all of the information we have received in the process of this waiving of the renewal fees for 2023, that ends as of August 1. So if you wait till August 1, multiple things are going to happen. One is you’re going to be charged the renewal fee of $543. So it’s free on July 31, on Monday, it’s $543 on Tuesday, and you will have to do a paper application, you can’t do it online. And also you have to demonstrate and show proof of all of your continuing medical education hours.

Additionally, the processing time for that renewal is extended pretty significantly. And it could take weeks, possibly even months to wrap up that renewal. So whatever you do, make sure you tell your colleagues, shared it on Facebook, you know give give some of your friends a call, you’d be surprised some people just forget. And even with all the renewals, reminders that have come out, and all the reminders that we have done and other entities have done at the end of the day, remind your colleagues a friend you know a call from a friend always helps in these regards. And it will help the professional help your friends. But do whatever you can to notify them as well that the deadline is here and they do not want to wait any longer and to get all that wrapped up. Hopefully, this helps you out. We’ll catch you next week.

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