Test Your Knowledge about the PAC Today!

Test Your Knowledge about the PAC Today!

Do You Know What A Political Action Committee (PAC) Is?

A Political Action Committee is a person or group other than a candidate, party, candidate committee or party committee that makes contributions, expenditures or electioneering communications supporting or opposing candidates for public office. A PAC typically represents a group of like-minded people that supports candidates who support that group’s political positions and ideals.

Do You Know That You Have A PAC Working for You?

The Illinois Chiropractic Society Political Action Committee (ICS PAC) is the political voice of the Illinois Chiropractic Society. The PAC, by law, is a separate entity from the ICS and ICS funds are not used to fund the PAC. The political action committee is solely funded by ICS members and other donors, and the support from every ICS member is needed to maintain our strong voice. The ICS PAC is an integral part of the overall advocacy strategy of our organization. Electing legislators who understand and support the importance of chiropractic services is essential, and the ICS PAC is the vehicle for that action. Simply stated, we use the PAC to donate to campaigns of state leaders who support our mission.


Do You Know When PACS Began?

The very first political action committee (PAC) was formed in the 1940s by the Congress of Industrial Organizations. Their purpose was to re-elect President Franklin D. Roosevelt to office. Since that time, PACs have become an integral component for both campaign fundraising and advocacy efforts for all sides of the political spectrum.


Everyone! In today’s political climate you can find a Political Action Committee associated with just about every type of entity and industry.

Do You Know How Much Money the Insurance Industry Typically Contributes To Political Campaigns During An Election Cycle?

 The insurance industry usually makes campaign contributions of over $3 million in an election cycle in Illinois alone.

Do You Know That You Can Donate To the ICS PAC In Two Different Ways?

Donors have the choice to either set up a recurring monthly donation or just make a one-time donation, whichever is easier for you. It can be done very quickly online.

Do You Know That We Recognize Certain Donor Levels In the IL Practice Edge?

Donors at the Ally Level ($200+), Advocate ($360+), Champion ($600+), and Crusader ($1200+) all receive special recognition in the IL Practice Edge and at live ICS workshops and events.

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