Report from the Chiropractic Representative of the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board (MDB)

Report from the Chiropractic Representative of the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board (MDB)

By: Darren D. Hancock, DC, DACBSP

As I begin my second year as the chiropractic physician representative on the Illinois Medical Disciplinary Board, I have been elected as its Vice-Chairperson. The beginning of the year began a new administration at the state level and this change has had a ripple effect throughout all state governmental offices and boards. Unfortunately, many early MDB meetings were abbreviated as new members were awaiting their appointments and usual business could not be conducted due to lack of quorum. However, we have recently welcomed the new physician members and are making up for the lost time. 


Specifically, regarding the chiropractic profession, the MDB has received complaints regarding the appropriateness of business relationships with other in-facility (i.e. your office) healthcare providers. Please make sure to consult a healthcare attorney regarding these relationships before they are initiated. Also make sure that you are staying within the scope of practice as outlined in the Medical Practice Act if you are offering any ancillary services that a chiropractic practice does not typically offer (e.g. cosmetic procedures, stem cell, etc.).

As always, if you are contacted by the IL MDB please do not ignore any request for information or appearance. Please consider consulting with appropriate legal representation prior to responding or appearing before the board.

Don’t forget that 150 hours of CME are required for renewal of your license. CME hours are earned as follows [from MPA Rules Section 1285.110 Continuing Medical Education (CME):

A minimum of 60 hours in formal CME programs as set forward in subsection (b)(2); and

A maximum of 90 hours in informal CME programs or activities as set forth in

subsection (b)(3).

For further information on CME hours, refer to DFPR’s website

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