New Staff Online Training Available

New Staff Online Training Available

Time and time again, chiropractic physicians in Illinois indicate in our surveys that managing human resources is one of the most significant challenges for practices. Hiring, training, managing, buy-in, and longevity are the ongoing needs of our employer members.

As a result, the Illinois Chiropractic Society has designed a training course – Office Training Series 101 – for the non-physician staff in a chiropractic physician office. This training series will provide baseline education in many areas of both needed and required training, thus reducing the time that a physician must spend training both new and existing staff.

The ICS has designed an annual subscription service to deliver this new training to your staff at the low cost of $30 per year per team member, and the subscription is available to ICS members only. Additionally, this training series is only the beginning as we plan to roll out more programs included in the subscription at no additional charge to your non-physician staff.

The Office Training Series 101 is comprised of 14 courses and covers the following essential topics:

  • Patient Communication
  • Front Desk Operations
  • Chiropractic Terminology
  • Chiropractic History
  • Basic Anatomy
  • HIPAA Basics
  • Medicare Basics
  • Financial Compliance
  • Legal Advertising
  • Basic Coding
  • Social Media Strategies
  • Billing Insurance Basics

The subscription is for one year of access, and staff members can take the courses at their leisure or the direction of the chiropractic physician employer over a full year.

Additionally, the Illinois Chiropractic Society is committed to providing ongoing education, and we will be releasing several new training series for subscription holders throughout the next year.

We are dedicated to providing the highest value proposition to our members and give them the ability to treat more patients, retain better-educated staff, and grow their practices effectively. Here is how you can purchase the $30 annual subscription for your staff members today.

Access to Company Portal

To access your ICS Company Portal click here.

*If the link takes you to your personal account profile, don’t worry, that just means we need to set up a business profile for you. Please send an email to the ICS Member Services Specialist and include your name, email, and company name. We will get it set up and let you know when your account is ready.

To add staff members to your company portal and add the subscription at the same time follow these simple steps:

  1. Click here
  2. Click the green join button (here is an example)
  3. Enter the email address and name of each staff member that you wish to register (see an example here)
    • Please note: The amount showing on this screen will be higher ($30) than the amount that will be actually placed in your cart. Please press the button to continue to the cart and to see the appropriate amount. Our developers are working to correct this problem (here is an example).
  4. Click the blue continue button at the bottom to proceed to the checkout process (here is an example)

Note that the checkout lists the name of the administrator for the company account, but upon submission the staff members that were added will be submitted and added to the company profile.

Once the checkout is complete the staff members listed will be submitted to the ICS for approval. The ICS will make every effort to approve the staff memberships within one business day of submission. Once approved by the ICS, the staff members will receive an email with account activation information and log in details. Please contact the ICS with any questions regarding this new staff offering.

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