Name Badge Requirements

Name Badge Requirements

Are physicians and other health care practitioners in Illinois required to wear badges or otherwise display identification and licensure information when treating patients? 

Yes.  Illinois law requires that health care professionals must wear name tags or badges during all patient encounters.  The tag must clearly identify the type of license held by the professional and must be of sufficient size and conspicuousness to be easily visible.  For chiropractic physicians, the doctor should display his or her name followed by the initials “D.C.,” “chiropractic physician,” or “doctor of chiropractic.”  The ICS believes that embroidered lab coats are acceptable, as long as they meet the above requirements.  

In addition to the name tag, a health care professional seeing patients in an office must conspicuously display a “writing” that clearly identifies the type of license held by the professional.  This “writing” could be your wall license or any other written material that displays your name and the type of license you hold.


Because this law applies to all health care professionals who are subject to licensure by the State, any licensed employees, such as physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, massage therapists or occupational therapists, must also wear name tags and display wall licenses.  Although the law does not specifically mention unlicensed assistants, the purpose of the law is to ensure that patients are clearly informed of the qualifications of persons who provide health care services.  Therefore, the ICS strongly recommends that chiropractic assistants wear badges with their names followed by “Chiropractic Assistant.”

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