ICS PAC Thanks These Doctors for Their Support of the ILChiro PAC

ICS PAC Thanks These Doctors for Their Support of the ILChiro PAC

The ICS is excited to announce that this year’s ILChiro PAC raffle was one of the largest for donations raised in a year! We are on pace to raise over $17,000 this year!!  We would like to thank all the chiropractic physicians that have donated to the ILChiro PAC. Without your continued support of the ILChiro PAC, we would not be able to continue to do what we do. Your contributions make our efforts possible.

The ILChiro PAC promotes and defends chiropractic in Illinois throughout the legislative session.  We are grateful to those legislators who have supported chiropractic and want to show them our gratitude. These funds help us to show our gratitude to the legislators that support chiropractic.


Chiropractic physicians can continue to donate to the ILChiro PAC throughout the year. Your generosity and support is accepted at any time of the year.

Below we have recognized our generous donors and raffle prize winners from this past year.

Raffle Winners

We would like to announce the winners of the various prizes that were awarded during our raffle.

50 Inch 4K TV: Dr. Jack Sharatt

Apple iWatch: Dr. Timothy Erickson

$200 Amazon Gift card: Dr. Jason Godo

Framed Governor’s Proclamation: Dr. Kristen White

Framed Governor’s Proclamation: Dr. Stephen Sikorsky

2018 ICS Convention Registration: Dr. John Panopoulos

The Chiropractic Protégé Book: Dr. Erin Ducat

The Chiropractic Protégé Book: Dr. John Hancock

Crusader ($1200 Donor Level)

Dr. Lea Cornish

Dr. Erin Ducat

Dr. Marc Strongin

Champion ($600 Donor Level)

Dr. Matthew Chenault

Dr. Richard Everett and Dr. Barbara Swalve Everett

Dr. John Hancock

Dr. Thomas Koehler

Dr. Douglas Matzner

Dr. Jack Sharratt

Advocate ($360 Donor Level)

Dr. Timothy Bertelsman

Dr. Julie Bird and Dr. Brian Bird

Dr. Scott Fladland and Dr. Clare Ollayos

Dr. Jason Godo

Dr. Clint Jackson

Dr. Thomas Jensen

Dr. Suzanne Kistner-Davis

Dr. Vijay Patel

Dr. Edwin Patrick

Dr. Stephen Sikorsky

Dr. Dianna Welty

Dr. Mark Wiegand

Ally ($204 Donor Level)

Dr. Timothy Erickson

Dr. Janet Horton

Dr. Mary Huffman

Dr. David Johnson

Dr. Kevin Moore

Dr. Joann Maruszak

Dr. Ryan Rosenthal

Dr. David Weber

A copy of our report filed with the State Board of Elections is (or will be) available on the Board’s official website (www.elections.il.gov) or for purchase from the State Board of Elections, Springfield, Illinois.

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