When do ICD-10-CM codes go into effect?

ICD-10-CM codes go into effect on October 1, 2014

What is the difference between ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM? 

Number of codes13,000Over 68,000 and can
approximately 155,000 codes
Number of Chapters17 Chapters
E codes & V codes: in
supplemental chapters
21 Chapters
E Codes & V codes: in
chapter 20 and 21
Number of Characters3 to 5 Characters
· Codes in Chapter
1-17: numeric
· E codes & V codes:
Character 1 is alpha
and character 2-5 are numeric
3 to 7 Characters
· Character 1 is alpha
· Character 2 is numeric
· Character 3-7 are
alpha or numeric
Code StructureFirst 3 digits: Category of code
Second 2 digits: Etiology, Anatomic site
First 3 digits: Category digits
Second 3 digits: Etiology, Anatomic site, Severity(Some codes use “x” as a place holder
for characters 4-6
when needed)
7th digit: Extension
Digit (used in obstetrics, external causes of
injury and musculoskeletal injuries)
Code Details1. Non Specific
2. Lacks Laterality
3. Initial and Subsequent Encounters not
4. Combination Codes are Limited
1. Very Specific
2. Includes laterality
when needed
3. Initial and subsequent encounters are
4. Combination Codes are frequent

What are the major advantages to ICD-10-CM?

  • Extra characters mean extra details can be added to a diagnosis, such as laterality;
  • The ability to specify which encounter (initial, subsequent, or sequelae) the diagnosis is associated with or external causes contributing to a diagnosis;
  • Combination codes exist to simplify coding conditions that commonly occur together;
  • Injury codes are grouped by anatomical site instead of the category of injury;
  • ICD-10-CM codes use current medical terminology and descriptions are more specific;
  • Allows for better statistical analysis and research; and
  • The majority of the world utilizes ICD-10. Adopting the new code set will bring greater global continuity to medicine. 

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