Hottest Issues in 2017

Hottest Issues in 2017

The Illinois Chiropractic Society has provided doctors across Illinois with critical information related to practice, treatments, examination, marketing, billing, coding, compliance, and more. Here are the top ten issues that you, our readers, found the most important in 2017:

10) FAA Basic Exam Update

9) What are Your (and Your Competitor’s) Medicare Stats?

8) How to Update Your Address with IDFPR (Required)

7) HIPAA – Ignorance is Not Bliss

6) Fewer MIPS Eligible Providers in 2018

5) Preparing for an Audit, The Time is Now          

4) The Safety of Neck Manipulation (with infographics and patient handouts)

3) New ABN Form Released (including special guidance for non-par providers)    

2) Affordable Health Insurance for Your Practice

and the top clicked article in 2017:

1) BCBS of Illinois Coding and Modifier Issues

We hope the last few days of 2017 and your entire 2018 brings greater patient outcomes, fulfillment, and profitability.

Happy New Year!

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The Illinois Chiropractic Society staff works collaboratively on many topics to bring the most comprehensive and relevant information to our members. We have over 60 years of chiropractic experience and understand the heartbeat of the profession. We all look forward to providing relevant information to our members for years to come.

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