Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Update

Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan Update

We have updated Illinois doctors a few times on the progress of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan designed by the profession for the profession. Below are a few updates that will help you keep track of the recent activities and advancements. Also, please sign-up for the monthly updates here!


The Research Agenda Prioritization Survey was approved to forward for IRB approval by the Leadership Committee. It has now received IRB approval and is open for input. We encourage everyone to distribute the survey to all stakeholders within the chiropractic profession.


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The technology workgroup is currently working on data standards and definitions – once this is completed a task force will compare these standards for data definitions to future standardized data intake.

Government Affairs:

The Government Affairs Workgroup is collaborating with the Public-Facing Communications Workgroup to develop a campaign to support the Medicare Modernization effort that is a non-bill number specific.

Public Relations:

Two agencies have been identified as possible candidates to develop public-facing campaign messaging. A collaboration between two firms may be beneficial as they offer different expertise.

Better Access to Chiropractic SuperPAC

A strategy to seat workgroup members with specific skillsets has been developed. Key state associations will be approached to assist with identifying leaders with expertise in this area. Those with experience in this area of work, within the profession, are encouraged to apply here!

Leadership Committee

Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) model will be implemented to manage the strategic plan work. An EOS implementor has been identified and has agreed to assist with the plan.

The Illinois Chiropractic Society is dedicated to assisting in the implementation of the Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan, as we believe the plan is bold and incredibly important to the advancement of the profession. You can see even more information about the progress of the plan here and its recent impact.

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