Change can be defined as “a difference in a state of affairs at different points in time”. However, some of the old-time philosophers went so far as insisting that change was impossible and that reality was unchanging. I would suggest that, though some of us like the same old ways, change is an evolution and is influenced by circumstances and present reality. Even though some may choose to ignore or minimize circumstances and live in their “own reality,” these are changing times.

This is certainly true in the Chiropractic profession in Illinois. We, at the ICS, work hard to recognize changes and are developing strategies for shaping changes, when we can. Or easing the implementation when we cannot.

Diagnoses Reporting

Change is coming in diagnoses reporting as evidenced by the implementation of ICD 10 on October 1 of this year. Your ICS is trying to transition to these changes by offering seminars, both “Gluteus Maximus in the chair”, as well as online seminars. Online seminars are offered to ICS members. Change from ICD 9 to ICD 10 is a “new reality”.

Change is coming in EHR reporting and Stage2 attestation. Your ICS remains committed to assisting members through this process from our old Stage1 reality to the EHR Stage2 “new reality”.

Our new Medicare reality the desire by CMS desire to change to some type of Value-Based System (VBS). Your ICS is being proactive in understanding this process so that if and when those changes are a “new reality”, ICS can be better positioned to advise our members.

The way I see it we have a choice. There is an old saying, “life gives us two choices, adapt or die”. We can continue to live in our comfortable, but old realities, or we can adapt to the changes coming. ICS is positioning itself to help us bridge from “old to new”.

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Joseph Ferstl, DC, DABCO

Dr. Joseph Ferstl, DC is a chiropractic orthopedist in Elgin, IL and practiced for over 38 years. He graduated from National University Of Health Sciences / National College Of Chiropractic in 1981 and specializes in orthopedic chiropractic and chiropractic. Dr. Ferstl is a Past-President of the Illinois Chiropractic Society and serves as an officer on the board with American College of Chiropractic Orthopedists. Dr. Ferstl is also a recipient of the ICS Chiropractic Physician of the Year.

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