Understanding the 3 Phases of Health Recovery: Creating the Cash Membership Model of the Future

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by: Bill Hemmer, DC

Our current U.S. healthcare model ranks last (11th out of 11) at treating chronic disease in the industrialized world.  Sadly, 92% of Americans over 50 have at least one chronic disease and 77% have at least two.  Chronic disease currently accounts for 75% of healthcare dollars spent.  Yet only one percent of healthcare dollars are spent on public efforts to improve health, according to the National Council on Aging. 


These factors have led to an all-time low in-patient satisfaction with allopathic healthcare.  This creates a huge opportunity for chiropractic and functional medicine to take its rightful place as the leader in healthy lifestyle education and community service.

Have you struggled to communicate the difference between what you do and why you do it with what obviously doesn’t work in the modern healthcare arena?  The “Creating the Cash Membership Model of the Future” seminar will provide you with the outline communicate that difference and seize this opportunity.

The Root Cause

The root cause of our dismal health statistics is not a lack of motivation or lack of intelligence; it is the patients’ lack of healthy lifestyle knowledge.  Healthy lifestyle knowledge is the ingredient that makes the difference between just getting by and aging gracefully.  We need to empower our patients to take control and responsibility for their own health.  This will lead to them becoming part of our tribe and referring others like them to our practices.

The two problems your patients face when trying to increase their healthy lifestyle knowledge is:

  1. Our current “health” care system – They are told to go away and get sicker to fit the “sickness” model.  Unless they are diagnosed with a full-blown disease, they are simply told to “watch it.”
  2. Our current insurance system – For most people, medical bankruptcy is only a major illness or surgery away.  Your patients make healthcare decisions based on insurance coverage because of the huge price tag of elective care.

Said another way, patients go home and deny there is a problem until the problem is big enough to be covered under our current insurance model (in other words, the rescue or acute care model), and then pray their care doesn’t exceed their insurance coverage.

Your patients are searching for cost-effective valuable answers to their chronic health concerns.  This seminar will provide you with the communication tools necessary for you to become the “go-to” healthcare provider in the emerging functional medicine movement within your community.

5 Major Areas of Chronic Disease Intervention

The five major areas of chronic disease intervention that will be introduced are attitude or mental health, lifestyle behaviors, diet, exercise, and supplementation.  When you can provide an educational system for all five areas, your patients become empowered, and you become the trusted resource for true healthcare in your community.  Once you have your systems in place, you can turn up or turn down your practice activity at will.

The first area of chronic disease intervention is attitude.

This is by far the most overlooked area.  Providing them with an explanation of how their health has become so compromised in the first place goes a long way.  This provides them with a reference point from which to make decisions.  Then you can provide your patients hope with a plan based on this new revelation. This is by far the most important thing you can do at the beginning of care.  Next, you can go through the process of a healthy lifestyle goal setting.  Once you can paint the picture of the benefits that await them if they go through this entire journey with you, the likelihood of success is much greater.

The second area of chronic disease intervention is lifestyle behavior modification.

This area also has many challenges.  Sleep, play, timing of meals and work obligations are just a few of the specific points that must be addressed and corrected to move patients towards true health.  Fortunately, we can harness the power of spaced repetition (because of repeated chiropractic visits and autoresponder technology) to continue reinforcing these changes and increase the probability of success.

The third area of chronic disease intervention is diet.

Creating a customized diet plan to which the patient can adhere is always a challenge, but new technology and research is making it easier to provide a meal plan that works more effectively than any other time in history.  Uncovering what the body needs to move toward health creation has never been easier.  You just must provide your patient with a meal plan he or she can enjoy and follow seamlessly.

The fourth area of chronic disease intervention is exercise.

Exercise means different things to different people, but we all know you can never create health long term without moving.  Having a nurture sequence in place to build up your patients to exercise and being there to treat them with chiropractic is the best one-two combination I know.  Customized exercise must be part of the holistic approach of reversing chronic disease.  It will happen no other way.

The final area of chronic disease intervention is supplementation.

Especially in the initial stages of care, providing specific whole food supplementation to fill the nutritional gaps will be extremely important.  Rebuilding your patient’s digestive system, blood sugar handling mechanism, ability to produce energy and detoxification pathways are all necessary to move them back into functional health recovery.

I have never been more excited to be a Chiropractor! We are the only profession that has the healthy lifestyle knowledge necessary to stop this runaway train called chronic disease.  But we must seize this opportunity.  Using technology, low-cost marketing, and relationship building, your practice could be soon filled with patients who are ready, willing and able to become members of your tribe for as long as it takes to take their health back.  

Will you be ready to accept them?        

Come learn the introduction to the 3 Phases of “Functional Health Recovery.”  This seminar paints the picture of reducing stress, balancing blood sugar/hormones and restoring the immune response.  These 3 phases become the foundation of building a cash-based membership model of practice. 

You will learn how to communicate these valuable ideas and build the authentic and sustainable practice of the future without compromising your current chiropractic philosophy. How cool is that?

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