See ya there – #2019CNC

See ya there - #2019CNC

This year’s ICS Chicago National Convention & Expo promises to give attendees the opportunity to learn great things, and we want everyone to participate, contribute, and follow the event throughout the weekend. Attendees will be contributing to the chiropractic community throughout the weekend by posting to many social media outlets by tagging their posts with #2019CNC. Follow #2019CNC on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Many times, the greatest learning happens in the hallway from colleagues, so do not miss the chance to collaborate with other chiropractic physicians and take away best practices for business improvement.


In addition to the networking, join Chicagoland attorneys providing your mandated Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and great appeals protocols; medical doctors from Northwestern Medical on dermatology and orthopedic advancements;  Kathy Mills Chang from KMC University on Medicare and documentation practices; Dr. Tim Bertelsman and ChiroUp on improving your relationships with other providers in your community and so much more.

In the midst of networking and education, don’t forget to take the time to visit our sold-out exhibit hall and memorabilia auction.

Who will be there?

·         3D Practice

·         ACOM Health

·         Advanced Medical Integration

·         Anabolic Laboratories

·         Angel Care Inc. / My Doctor Suggests

·         Apex Energetics

·         Arbonne

·         ARPwave USA Neuro Therapy

·         ASEA Cellular Health

·         Bintz Company

·         Redi Thotics / BioSkin Braces

·         ChiroUp

·         ChiroHealthUSA

·         ChiroTouch

·         Clear Mind Center

·         Designs for Health

·         Foot Levelers

·         Healthcare Equipment Solutions


·         BEMER Group

·         HydroWorx

·         LightForce Therapy Lasers

·         Logan University

·         Biotics Research

·         Michicare

·         MSH Medical Billing Remedies LLC

·         National University of Health Sciences

·         NCMIC Insurance

·         New York Life

·         NuMedica

·         Online Chiro

·         Palmer College of Chiropractic

·         Protech Spine

·         Protocol for Life Balance

·         Lifestyle Health Plans

·         Scrip Hessco

·         Standard Process

·         Steven H. Jesser, Attorney at Law, P.C.

·         Strategic Financial Group

·         Summus Medical Laser

·         TRIAD AER

·         The Paragon Weight Loss Method

·         Vive Health

·         Zingit Solutions

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