Obtaining an Illinois License

Obtaining an Illinois License

What is the process for obtaining a license in Illinois?

Illinois allows for new licensure through two different methods: Acceptance of Exam and Endorsement.

Acceptance of Exam:

Recent graduates who have passed Parts I, II, III, and IV may use this online application for licensure in Illinois:  //www.idfpr.com/profs/chiropractor.asp

Note: If you have 5 or more failures of any portion of the boards, the State of Illinois requires “remedial education” amounting to 960 hours of additional education. Each portion of the exam that is failed in any jurisdiction counts as a failure.


Doctors who are currently or have been licensed in other states may use this online application for licensure in Illinois:  //www.idfpr.com/profs/chiropractor.asp

If you have not been active practice or a chiropractic student during two years immediately preceding your license application, the State of Illinois requires may require you “to complete such additional testing, training, or remedial education as the Licensing Board may deem necessary to establish the applicant’s present capacity to practice medicine with reasonable judgment, skill, and safety.” More information on this requirement can be found here: //www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/068/068012850A00950R.html

You can find more links regarding licensure in Illinois here: //www.idfpr.com/profs/chiropractor.asp

More information about the Medical Practice Act in Illinois can be found here.

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