Member Success Stories

Member Success Stories

Editor’s Note: We receive information from members regularly concerning their success when faced with problems collecting, treating, billing, etc. Below is an example of one such success. We hope to be publishing more success stories in the coming months. Please send any stories you have to

“Good Morning ICS,

I just wanted to update you on a Personal Injury case that you all helped us with.

It was the case where Allstate honored our lien, but the patient’s lawyer did not pay us. He told our patient that Medicare had paid us, and that we were taken care of. Medicare was not billed nor were we paid by Medicare. In addition, we also received a copy of the check from Allstate that had our name on it. After several unsuccessful attempts to rectify the problem with our patient’s lawyer, I called the ICS in total frustration.

As per your advice, we played hardball with Allstate. We told them that the lien had not been honored, and we expected them to take the steps that needed to be taken to honor that lien. It took them a couple of weeks of persistent calling, but we were put in contact with their fraud department and pursued things in that direction.

Lo and behold about a month ago, we received a call from the patient’s lawyer wanting to settle the case. After some discussion, we came to an agreement and within three days had the check in hand. Additionally, even though the amount we received from the attorney did not cover the entire bill, the patient just left here after paying the balance.

This case is done!! You have no idea what a feeling of accomplishment that we have right now, and also relief.

Thanks for all your help and ideas!

Fitzsimmons Chiropractic”

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