Medicare Provides Guidance on Expiring ABN Form

Medicare Provides Guidance on Expiring ABN Form

As many of you know, based on the label at the bottom of the ABN form, “Form CMS-R-131 (Exp. 03/2020),” the ABN form is set to expire at the end of March. However, CMS is now providing information on the expiring ABN form and how providers can proceed.

CMS has announced on their website that “The ABN, Form CMS-R-131, is currently awaiting OMB approval for renewal. CMS will provide instructions when it does get approved.  In the meantime, continue to use the current form until further instruction is provided.”


Therefore, please continue to use the current ABN form (i.e. the one indicating the 03/2020 expiration date) until CMS provides an update.

Here is a link to the statement and to download a copy of the ABN form (

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