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Mastering HIPAA Compliance Like Never Before

Experience an exhilarating HIPAA Compliance workshop with Dr. Chris Anderson and Dr. Evan Gwilliam on May 2, 2024. Embrace a different, fun, and interactive approach. Click to watch the video and learn more!


Hi everyone! Get ready to embark on a HIPAA journey like never before. Join us on May 2 for an online workshop that’s not your average HIPAA class. It’s a thrilling adventure led by the dynamic duo myself, Dr. Chris Anderson, and my best friend Dr. Evan Gwilliam. This workshop promises to be anything but boring. Dive into practical insights, participate in some hands-on activities, and discover the secrets of HIPAA compliance in a way that’s fun and entertaining. Say goodbye to snooze-worthy seminars and hello to interactive experiences that will leave you energized and informed. Don’t miss out register now and make HIPAA compliance a blast.


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