Make it Happen

Make It Happen

As the mother of a high school daughter who dreams of one day playing golf in college, I have spent most of my summer on the golf course. Everyone who has ever played the game knows that golf can be very frustrating when you miss a 4-foot putt, but it can also be very rewarding when a round just goes your way. When it really comes down to it, golf is an elementary game. Hit the ball, hit it again, and continue to hit it until it goes in the little hole. If that is the case, why can it seem so difficult?

Many of you that are golfers may have heard of the notion of VISION54. VISION54 or GOLF54 is the idea that a golfer can birdie every hole. Now most golfers strive for par, but this ideal of excellence comes from the fact that a golfer has at one time or another birdied every hole on their home golf course. If a person can do that on separate occasions why can they not string those birdies together and GOLF54?


In our practices, much like a round of golf, we may have frustrations but we also have some very rewarding experiences. As an athlete strives to excel at their sport, we as chiropractic physicians strive as well to become better doctors and leaders.

“Imagine the impossible; Then figure out how to make it happen.” Ron Sirak

Over time, the chiropractic profession has seen the insurance company that “gets it,” the company that understands the importance of a healthier workforce, the patients who grasp the worth of chiropractic, and the communities that know that their chiropractic physicians are health experts. The question we should be asking is: why don’t all insurance companies, organizations, patients, and communities treasure the value that we bring to the health care system? The truth is that they all should “get it,” and THAT is the excellence for which we must strive.

Now is the time that we have to start working together to reach 18% of Illinois by 2018 and create a healthier world. Bold visions push the boundaries of what is possible. Perhaps the only limits to human potential are the limits of our imagination and commitment. Join me and the ICS in our efforts, and let’s make it happen.

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Julie Bird, DC

Dr. Julie Bird served on the Illinois Chiropractic Society board from 2001 through 2020 and served as the ICS Board President in 2013 and 2014. During her leadership tenure in Illinois, she led the board through a refocus and movement towards increasing chiropractic utilization. Dr. Bird currently serves as the Secretary for the Congress of Chiropractic State Associations Board of Directors and a key leader on the steering committee for the Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan.

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