ICS Restores DC License to Read “Chiropractic Physician”

ICS Restores DC License to Read “Chiropractic Physician”

The ICS recently learned that the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (IDFPR) had changed the terminology on Doctor of Chiropractic licenses from “Licensed Chiropractic Physician” to “Licensed Chiropractor.”  This language was not consistent with your status as a physician under the Medical Practice Act and many other laws and regulations.  The ICS contacted the IDFPR upon learning of the change, and we have been successful in getting it rectified.


It appeared that this change took place within the last few months when the IDFPR stopped printing licenses and switched to electronic licenses to be printed by the licensee.  The IDFPR has advised us that the transition resulted in information being retrieved from a different database to be transferred to the written license, which resulted in the use of the “chiropractor” title.  However, after the ICS brought the matter to the Department’s attention, they agreed that the “chiropractor” verbiage was not an accurate reflection of status were able to restore the language to the correct “chiropractic physician.”  The Department assured us that it was strictly a technology issue and was not intended in any way to affect the scope of practice.  All licensees have been and remain physicians, regardless of the language on the written license.

Those licensees who printed a license with the incorrect language may reprint the license online at idfpr.com.  The IDFPR advises us that licensees should log into the e-License Search Page and go through the Licensed Professional Portal.  Once they enter the information (license number and date of birth, last 4 Social Security Number digits or access ID), they can then view and print the license.  The license should appear during this process if the licensee has previously provided the IDFPR with the Social Security number or date of birth.  The new license will reflect your correct status as “Licensed Chiropractic Physician.”

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