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By: Christopher Murray, DC, ND, DABCI, NRCME

Join the Illinois Chiropractic Society’s training on June 15, 2024, to become a Certified Medical Examiner and boost your revenue while making a difference in patients’ lives. Watch the video to learn more!


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The Getaway – DOT Medical Examiner Online Training


Hi, I’m Dr. Murray. I’m a chiropractic physician as well as a Certified Medical Examiner with the Department of Transportation. Are you interested in providing services that will bring a new stream of revenue into your office? And also are you interested in providing services that will set you apart as an integral component of the greater healthcare community? If you are, then you should consider becoming a Certified Medical Examiner, the Department of Transportation.

The Illinois Chiropractic Society, they are hosting such a class, which I am teaching, on June 15, 2024. Did you know that there are around 14 million total CDL drivers and we’re at 8 million drivers that are actually on the road today? That just means that there are a lot of potential exams that need to be done on a regular basis. And many of these examine examinations need to be done, or on the patients you already have. That’s why it is such a great opportunity for chiropractors to become Certified Medical Examiners. You need to take the class. After taking the class, which is, as I said, being offered on June 15, 2024. Then you can take the test and the test is actually provided by a couple of other testing organizations. And if you’re needing the 10-year recertification, this is the class you need to take as well before sitting for your 10-year recertification test.

So, contact the Illinois Chiropractic Society about the training coming up on June 15.
Nice chat with you, Dr. Murray. Have a great day.

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