Healthier Illinois Promotes Chiropractic Care at the 2019 Farm Progress Show

Healthier Illinois Promotes Chiropractic Care at the 2019 Farm Progress Show

“Farmers are a combination of many occupations including welders, laborers, accountants, mechanics, etc. Given the demands of the job, consistent, well-applied chiropractic care can help them reduce injury, stay functional and maintain their activity level on the farm for life.” – Dr. Ren Bleem at the Farm Progress Show 2019.

Healthier Illinois, the patient resource of the Illinois Chiropractic Society, had the opportunity to host a booth promoting chiropractic care at the Farm Progress Show two weeks ago. The Farm Progress Show is an annual agricultural showcase event that alternates each year between Decatur, Illinois, and Boone, Iowa. This year the Farm Progress Show was held in Decatur, Illinois, from August 27-29, 2019. This show has an annual estimated attendance of over 150,000 people from all around the globe.

Dr. Ren Bleem and Melanie Bleem of Havana, Illinois, along with ICS Staff, represented Healthier Illinois all three days at the show. We want to say, “THANK YOU!” to Dr. Bleem and Melanie for their volunteerism and dedication to helping us promote chiropractic care.

The show features a Health and Safety tent focused on keeping farmers healthy and in the field longer. We provided information to the attendees of the show on safe lifting, stretches to do before sitting for long periods of time, and knowing when seek to help for pain. Click here to see the informational handout, which is also available at

During the show, we were able to talk with visitors from all over the country, including Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida. We also had several international visitors to our booth. Our visitors greatly appreciated being able to speak directly to a chiropractic physician and have informational materials available.

Highlights from the Show Are Below:

Check out our video from the show.
Dr. Ren Bleem and Melanie Bleem in front of the Healthier Illinois Booth at the 2019 Farm Progress Show.
Dr. Ren Bleem and Melanie Bleem during a radio interview discussing the importance of chiropractic care and its benefits with Randy Miller from Hometown Illinois Radio Network and WHOW The Big 1520.
Dr. Ren Bleem during an interview with the Decatur Herald-Review discussing the importance of chiropractic care. Editor’s Note: A quote from this interview appeared in an article about Farm Safety. You can find the article here.
Pictured Left to Right: Melanie Bleem; Dr. Scott Harms, Rochelle, Illinois; Zach Weger, ICS Member Relations Manager; and Dr. Ren Bleem, at the 2019 Farm Progress Show. Dr. Harms was attending the show and stopped by the booth for a visit.

“Meet people where they are and then take them where you want them to go.”- Dr. Bleem at the Farm Progress Show 2019

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