Did You Get a Yellow Notice in the Mail?

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We have received a number of calls, messages, and emails from doctors who are concerned because they received a yellow notice that appears to be from a regulatory body.  The mailing is titled in large, uppercase boldface type as a “LICENSE NOTICE.” The title further states, “Illinois Department of Regulation (IDFPR) Has Established A New Requirement For Your License!”

Please note the following:


  • This notice is NOT from IDFPR and is NOT any type of official notification from a government agency.  The apparent sender of the document, not the IDFPR, is shown in very small print in the bottom right-hand corner of the document.
  • The CME requirement for sexual harassment prevention training related to your license was implemented in 2019 (not January 1, 2020).  It requires the completion of a one-hour course for each 3-year renewal cycle.
  • The yellow communication entitled “License Notice” appears to be from an organization attempting to sell an education course to chiropractic physicians in Illinois. Nothing more.

The Illinois Chiropractic Society will have an approved CME webinar for sexual harassment prevention training later in 2021 that can be used for your 2023 renewal. Read a full article on the CME requirement for sexual harassment prevention training here.

Reminder – please regard notices such as these with caution. There are considerable marketing schemes in place that attempt to prey on busy doctors, employers, and the public. 

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