Celebrating the Women of Chiropractic

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October is National Women’s Small Business Month. “National Women’s Small Business Month is a time to recognize and applaud the talented, dedicated, and driven women whose entrepreneurial spirit helps drive our nation’s economy forward,” said Carla Harris, Chair of the National Women’s Business Council. This is an opportunity for us to recognize and celebrate the hard work of women in our profession. (NFIB, 2017)

Not all of the women in chiropractic are mothers, but many are. With that comes additional stress, especially during a pandemic. In our conversation this morning, my friend, Aaron, was describing the changes to his family’s schedule and work/life balance over the past 6 months. Both small business owners, with two young children, Aaron and his wife are both working from home with the additional responsibility of educating their kids, which he openly admitted had largely fallen on his wife’s shoulders. Something I understood. Since the beginning of the year, policies that had been in place in our company for over a decade were thrown out the window. We are making reasonable accommodations for our employees so they can juggle the dual responsibility of being dedicated employees and moms. In these chaotic times, I remind my team frequently of the importance of self-care, which is a reminder to all of us; men, women, moms, and dads. These last few months have been stressful, and we need to keep our minds and bodies in balance. Here are a few tips. (Zimmermann, 2019)


  1. Keep business and family separate. You should have a space dedicated to your business, both inside and outside your home. When your workspace takes place in a common living space (living room) or, worse, a personal space (your bedroom), you never really escape work. It’s also important to stick to a schedule as much as possible.
  1. Find time for yourself.  It is crucial in maintaining inner peace and balance within the hectic environment of work and home life. Just 20 minutes a day can work wonders on your stress levels and clearing your mind. All too often, in our personal and professional lives, we say “yes” to others and “no” to ourselves. Find an activity you love that helps you to relax and recharge.
  1. Create your own definition of success. There are many entrepreneurs who measure their success by building large businesses with millions in revenue, yet, there are many who measure their level of success by the time they have with their families. Success is a personal decision and different for everyone. In fact, over your career, it may change often. What are your goals and priorities, and how can you build your business to meet them?

This is a month near and dear to my heart since I was raised by a single mom who went on to become a business owner. She had both a successful career and a fulfilling family life. That is something I want for all of the women in our profession. If you are looking for a place for women chiropractors and women chiropractic students ONLY, sharing each other’s life successes and encouraging growth through struggles and opportunities, then I strongly recommend joining the Women Chiropractors Group on Facebook. They provide tremendous resources for Women DCs around the country and were founded by a woman I know and respect, Dr. Cyndy Elwart-Shaft-Toll. You can learn more at womenchiropractors.org.

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