2023 ICS Heartland Symposium

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The 2023 Heartland Symposium promises to be a unique, fast-paced, dynamic, multi-disciplinary learning experience. Attendees will enjoy a faster format that includes a new topic and a new speaker every two hours.


Don’t miss this opportunity to see your colleagues and improve clinical expertise, multidisciplinary collaboration, and office referrals. There will be limited registration availability, so do not wait! Register here today!


Marc Abla:
We hope everybody’s doing great today. I’ve got Dr. Craig Revermann. He actually is our currently our Secretary of the Illinois Chiropractic Society’s Board of Directors. But he also practices down at Breese which is a little ways outside of the St. Louis metro area. We’re going to talk to you about the Heartland Symposium. Heartland Symposium this year is in Fairview Heights, which is just on the Illinois side of Missouri, down in that St. Louis metro area. It’s an exciting lineup, multidisciplinary, multidisciplinary aspect to the symposium. And we’re really excited about what is going to be delivered the content and the learning, and that opportunity to help our patients. Dr. Revermann talk, talk to me a little bit about, you know, the process that we’ve gone through and why we’ve done what we’ve done to set up the symposium like it is.

Dr. Revermann:
Absolutely, no, I’m really excited. And like, like you said, the lineup to me is the key. I mean, we got six very good speakers, you’re gonna get two hours of each of them. And it talks about fast-paced, you’re gonna get a lot of information in a short period of time. It is a renewal year for our license. So we a lot of guys need-chiros need CS now. But this is actually a good opportunity to learn. You may have your CEs already, this is a great opportunity to collaborate with a multidisciplinary approach. We got three very good chiropractic speakers. They’re evidence-based, very dynamic speakers, cutting edge, giving us the latest, greatest, and also have a lot of experience working with MDs, and the referral process, as you’ll see in the symposium that weekend. In addition to that, three great speakers from the medical side, and we’ve got a neurosurgeon. We’ve got an orthopedic spine surgeon and a pain management anesthesiologist. So I’m just kind of showing how we can work together. I’m excited. It’s gonna be about this lineup. I just, I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait for it to get here.

Marc Abla:
Yeah, I’m excited to you mentioned the three from the chiropractic side of things, if you will. And Dr. Brandon Steele and Dr. Tim Bertelsman are phenomenal. And many of you have heard them speak in the past, we actually are bringing in someone who had Dr. Ray Foxworth who actually worked in a multidisciplinary spine clinic, as well as in a multidisciplinary setting with the VA Medical Center down in Mississippi. And really, that’s, that’s he’s going to spend two hours talking about that multidisciplinary approach and, and doing, again, what is best for our patients and doing everything we can to bring them back to health, using all the tools in the toolbox, if you will. You know, we’ve talked a lot about the other three that I know you’ve worked with it. Tell me a little bit more about Dr. Yazdi.

Dr. Revermann:
So I’ve known Joe, Dr. Yazdi for 17 years now, and I actually met him at a seminar he was doing a presentation at a hospital and I received an invitation and I just simply, went. I committed, and I took advantage of the opportunity. I attended, and there were probably 40 people in the room. I was the only chiropractor. We had medical doctors, primary care physicians, specialists, physical therapists, and physical therapy assistants, and the room was full of hospital employees. And, and there I was, and the crazy thing was, was one of the primary care physicians said, Well, you know, doctor, Dr. Yazdi, he was doing his presentation on vertebroplasty, which was a very good presentation, by the way, I think you’ll look forward to seeing him as a speaker. But when he, when the medical doctor had said, you know, when we get an MRI of our patient, and it shows a disc bulge, you know, when we when we send them to you, and he goes, I’m gonna stop you, right, there he goes, you’re sending your disposers to me when you should be sending to that guy right there. And I was the only chiropractor in the room and I was kind of taken aback, I didn’t really know this guy. But the thing is, we had a good discussion after the seminar. And I’ve actually developed a very good relationship over the years since then, because he says, he goes, I spend 70% of my time seeing patients I’m never going to operate on. He goes, these can be managed by chiropractors, he goes “When I get a referral from a chiropractor, they usually need surgery, or pain management, or you know, and a lot of times those pain management cases,” he’ll do the injection or send for pain management and send them back to us for chiropractic manipulation and rehab. Like I said, it’s the collaboration works. It’s very patient-centric, it’s, you put the patient first and you’re gonna get the results and when you have like-minded physicians from other disciplines, it just, it’s exciting. It makes practice fun.

Marc Abla:
Yeah, so we’re excited about this particular event. Dr. Revermann, along with the education staff with the Illinois chiropractic society and several other doctors have worked to put together an event that we truly believe is going to be great for the patients and a great for you Make sure that you register today, just jump out to heartlandsymposium.com. And you can register right away, get registered, get your hotel room, and we will see you about six weeks away. Dr. Revermann…

Dr. Revermann:
If I can mention one more thing, Marc? Yeah. You know, like, obviously, the Illinois chiropractic society does a phenomenal job at providing continuing education at our fingertips with online education. And I love it, I take advantage of it I utilize it. Appreciate the library you have for us. And thank you so much for all the hard work you do. But on the flip side of that the one thing about we have, you know, essentially two large live events and this is one of the Heartland Symposium gives us the opportunity to network, you know, not only do we have the opportunity to network with other chiropractors, here, we’re going to have the opportunity to network with medical providers, neurosurgeons, orthopedic surgeons, pain management, anesthesiologist, I’m inviting primary care physicians to attend this, because I want to have the room full of a collaboration of medical professionals as well as chiropractors, so that we can, you know, at the end of the day, if we work together and put the patient first we get the best results. And honestly, I think this is a good opportunity for us to show them and showcase what chiropractors can do. But in addition, you know, they have their limitations. And let’s face it, a lot of times, a lot of them don’t like treating low back pain, you know, mechanical low back pain is not their wheelhouse It is ours, you know, and that’s the things we’re going to find out we’re gonna find out where it is our wheelhouse where we are the best resource to treat a lot of mechanical problems would be, I’ll be neck pain, back pain, and along with a multitude of other things, it’s just, I’m excited about the opportunity for us all, to be together in one room and learn from one another, and, and hopefully develop those relationships that we carry on. I mean, like I mentioned before, Dr. Yazdi and I, you know, I’ve had a relationship for 17 years now, I’m excited about establishing a relationship with Dr. Ruts, you know, with Doc… Doctor Hamed, I met the I’m excited about getting to know these guys a little bit better because they are open-minded to what we do as chiropractors. But we need to be open-minded to when our patients need more than we can do. We need to have resources that we trust and people that we can refer to. And it may not be these guys, it may be other guys have their discipline, but it gives us an opportunity to network and get to know a little bit more about their background. At the end of the day, we’re all trying to take care of patients, we want to get our patients well. And we just have different ways and tools of doing it. And here’s a way to sharpen those tools and enhance our opportunities for our patients.

Marc Abla:
That is spot on and your comments about networking. So invaluable, and it gets discounted a lot, especially now. And we do we provide a lot of information and a lot of courses and CME on demand. This is an opportunity to be able to get together I go to conferences, and when I go, sometimes I’ll go to conferences, and I’ve had people go, Well, why are you going to that conference? And sometimes my answer is, I don’t know. But ask me right after the conference. And I can tell you what made it invaluable. Recently, I had, you know, I attended a conference and it was worth attending just for the first day. But it was the second day that was actually the home run and we connect, I was able to connect with a physician, a chiropractic physician out of Wisconsin on a very meaningful topic. And that is going to be very specific for Illinois doctors and, play a critical role in advancing Chiropractic in the state of Illinois, I would have never had that meeting had I not been at the conference. And so these things matter. It’s the networking. It’s the small little things that happen in the hallway. It’s a small things that sometimes we learned from our colleagues that we may not have otherwise learned. So yeah, thank you for nailing that the networking comment. The collaboration is obviously always a key thing for the Illinois Chiropractic Society what we drive home, always about the patient, the patient, the patient, excited, we will see you in six weeks but don’t forget to jump out and register. Just go to heartlandsymposium.com. If that you forget that. Just go to our website, do the drop-down on the education, menu bar, and get registered. Thanks, Dr. Revermann. Thanks for joining me today. And for everybody else. Hey, thank you and for everybody else. We’ll catch you next week.

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