2014 ICS Capitol Conference and the Key DC Program

2014 ICS Capitol Conference and the Key DC Program

For the last six years, the ICS has been holding its annual lobby day at the Statehouse to raise chiropractic awareness, as well as, deal with specific issues with the legislature.  Capital Conference has helped us secure support and sponsors for our legislation, and these events help form meaningful relationships between our members and their legislators.  With our invigorated focus on expanding chiropractic utilization in Illinois, we are turning our attention to developing a stronger grassroots foundation with our elected officials.

After conversations with colleagues from other state associations, the ICS is adopting a new advocacy program called our “Key DC” Program.  The concept is simple: secure a chiropractic physician in every legislative district who can be matched with their legislator as a local point of contact.  The DC may represent the ICS at a local event or fundraiser or schedule a quick meet and greet once a year at the legislator’s office to say hello and develop a relationship.  

Key DC Program

A legislator’s job is to represent its constituents, not to represent the state as a whole nor the ICS.  However, through the Key DC program, we will be able to bring our chiropractic issues to legislators on an individual constituent basis, through the people they are in charge of representing.  This network is our bridge to convert our chiropractic issues into the legislator’s personal issues.  Whether we fighting against an unfair workers’ compensation bill that singles out our members (SB3475) or to support legislation that levels the playing field for chiropractic by eliminating provider discrimination (HB4774), our Key DCs will be the faces that our legislators know when they place their votes.

I would invite you all to get involved!  If you have messaged us in the past regarding contacts you may have with legislators, please check back in with us to ensure we have you specifically identified as our Key DC for your area.  For ICS members who have wanted to get more involved but unsure how this is it.  You can schedule around your office hours and pick a time that works for you.  At the minimum, this program requires a quick chat and an annual handshake.  Of course, we would ask for an occasional follow up to let them know where we stand on a particular issue.  Besides forming a relationship that is beneficial to the chiropractic profession as a whole, the Key DC program could open some positive networking opportunities for your office as well.


Our members now have two ways to get involved with their profession at the legislative level.  Come join us on May 7th in Springfield for our 6th annual Capitol Conference, or join us and become a Key DC for your area.  If you would like more information on either of these programs, please contact me at the ICS office (217-525-1200).  We look forward to your call!

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