What Do I Do With This Economic Census? (Deadline)

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It’s possible that you’ve received an Economic Census recently. However, are you aware that completing it is mandatory according to the law? Check out the video to gain more insights!


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For the last five weeks, some of you may have received an economic census that was sent out by the US Census Bureau. And the question that we’ve received recently is do we have to fill out all of this? Do we have to complete the census? And the answer is yes, you actually are required by law to fill out the census.

Now, the follow-up was meant, how long have they been doing this? Well, it’s actually been around since about 1810. They made modifications in 1930, you can see all the historic data related to this economic census. That again is required by law, you can see it for as far back as the 1930s. Right. So a lot of this information is available, and you can kind of benchmark then your answers against the rest of the world since you are taking part in the census. So there may be some positive things that can come out of it.

Now, the other question we get is okay, but how long is it really going to take me they indicate that it actually is going to take you an average of about 52 minutes to complete. Again, don’t forget, this is required by law, so you have to do it. And the deadline is next Wednesday. So you want to make sure that the next seven days that you complete that economic census, it has to be done by the 15th. So please make sure that you get that done as soon as possible. Pull it off the corner of your desk and out from underneath the stacks that you have sitting there on your desk and wrap that up. You don’t want to deal with any of the fines and penalties that may be associated with a non Complete Completion of the census and just and just get it done. And then use it to your benefit. If possible. Use it to your benefit, right 52 minutes of your time is what we’re talking about. At least that’s what they indicate is the average. And hopefully, this information helps you, get it done. Talk to you next week.

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