Titles – Check Your Website for Advertising Problems

It is important to review your website regularly to ensure compliance with marketing and advertising laws. This simple check will help ensure compliance with Illinois law and maintain consistency throughout your website. Watch the video to learn more!


When is the last time that you reviewed your website to make sure that it aligns with the law surrounding marketing and advertising? This gets missed. But here’s a simple thing that you could actually do today. Jump out and review your website and look for your name as it appears yours and other physicians in your practice to make sure that they have DC attached or chiropractic physician attached each time your name appears. Now, of course, you know if you’ve got a biography and at the top of the biography very clearly indicates, you know, Dr. Jane Doe comma DC or chiropractic physician. And then you refer to Dr. Doe or to Dr. Jane inside of the biography as long as it’s abundantly clear that that is all attached. In those cases, it would be okay.


However, each time your name appears on other pages throughout your website on the front page on the About Us or in your privacy policies that are attached. Anytime you mention a physician’s name, you have to make sure that that physician has attached to their name, the DC after or chiropractic physician and all of that has to be attached to that name each time to Pierce. Super simple check. Go through your website, you want to check that on a regular basis because we add to our website we add content on a regular basis. And you want to make sure that you are adhering to that particular statute and the requirements under Illinois law. We’ll catch you next week.

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