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Still Having Change Healthcare Problems?

Still Having Change Healthcare Problems?

The Change Healthcare data breach has wreaked havoc on the entire healthcare system over the last few months. Unfortunately, some of our doctors continue to have problems with claims processing.

If you are continuing to have problems with some of your claims, the following information may help based on information the ICS has been able to gather from experts:


Medicare (unpaid and unprocessed claims): Submit claims directly to NGS through NGSConnex here.

Veterans Administration Community Care Network (unpaid and unprocessed claims): If you have unprocessed or unpaid claims with the VA, you can process them directly with Optum here.

Other unprocessed or unpaid claims: If you have not received electronic remittance advice (ERA/835) for claims submitted right around the attack, you should resubmit the claims either via paper or with the direct payer portal. Experts are telling us that these claims cannot/should not be resubmitted electronically.

Switching to a different clearinghouse: If you are considering a switch to a new clearinghouse, you should consider Infinedi. ICS members realize a significant savings for a quality claims clearinghouse. Additionally, Infinedi invests millions of dollars into the chiropractic profession through Chiropractic Future Strategic Plan and the research data lake.

Other information about the restoration of services

The recent cyberattack on Change Healthcare (previously Emdeon) has significantly impacted healthcare providers, with disruptions in claims processing and ERAs. As of the latest updates, here’s where things stand:

  1. Restoration of Services: Change Healthcare, under UnitedHealth Group, is making progress in restoring affected services. By late March, a significant portion of pharmacy network services were restored, with efforts ongoing to address remaining issues. Importantly, medical claims have begun to flow through Change Healthcare’s network, with core systems back online. Efforts are focused on reactivating all other Relay Exchange claim submitters and enhancing payer connectivity.
  2. Claims Processing and Backlog: There’s been a substantial backlog in processing claims. UnitedHealth Group has been working to address over $14 billion in claims that were affected by the cyberattack. This involves both reestablishing services at Change Healthcare and coordinating with affected providers.
  3. Financial Assistance for Providers: UnitedHealth Group has advanced more than $2 billion to help providers impacted by the disruption. This includes assistance for those receiving payments from payers processed by Change Healthcare and UnitedHealthcare providers. Efforts are being made to simplify the process of accessing these funds.
  4. Ongoing Support and Updates: UnitedHealth Group is conducting webinars and providing resources to guide providers in reconnecting to claims and payment networks. There’s a commitment to continuous communication with providers to ease the process of service restoration and funding assistance.

This situation remains fluid, and updates are being provided as more progress is made in resolving the issues. The priority is to ensure the claims are processed efficiently and healthcare providers receive the necessary support during this challenging time. For more detailed information and the latest updates, healthcare providers are encouraged to check the UnitedHealth Group website and related resources regularly.

The ICS is continuing to monitor the situation and will keep you informed in the coming weeks and months.

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