Special Thank You to ICS PAC Contributors

<strong>Special Thank You to ICS PAC Contributors</strong>

The Illinois Chiropractic Society would like to give a big “Thank You” to all ICS members who have made contributions to the ICS Political Action Committee (PAC) over the past year. Without your continued support of the ICS PAC, we would not be able to continue to do what we do. Your contributions make our efforts possible.

Your PAC promotes and defends chiropractic in Illinois throughout the legislative session by supporting the legislators that make a difference for your profession.  We are grateful to those legislators who have supported chiropractic and want to show them our gratitude. These funds help us do just that.


Chiropractic physicians can continue to donate to the ICS PAC throughout the year. It is easy to do, simply click here.

CRUSADER ($1,200 +)

Dr. Marc Strongin

CHAMPION ($600 +)

Dr. Kelly Stanfield
Dr. Sheila Woodrow
Dr. John Hancock
Dr. Matthew Chenault

ADVOCATE ($360 +)

Dr. Douglas Matzner
Dr. Julie Bird
Dr. Erin Ducat
Dr. Clint Jackson
Dr. Mark Wiegand
Dr. Craig Andresen
Dr. Renold Bleem
Dr. Dianna Welty
Dr. John Panopoulis
Dr. Tim Bertelsman
Dr. Vince Roberts

ALLY ($200 +)

Dr. Timothy Erickson
Dr, Kevin Moore
Dr. Thomas Koehler
Dr. Thomas Jensen
Dr. John Baietti
Dr. Craig Revermann
Dr. John Kulig
Dr. Rob Gregory
Dr. Joseph Coler

Other Donors:

Dr. Steven Santolin
Dr. Cynthia Kadela
Dr. Joseph Ferstl
Dr. William Rasmussen
Dr. Delilah Renegar
Dr. Elaine Wagner
Dr. Gabriel Rivera
Dr. Nancy Cannon
Dr. Andrew Serlin
Dr. Jean Alexis
Dr. Clair Ollayos
Dr. Ryan Rosenthal
Dr. Panagiota Stasinos
Dr. Leo Potetti
Adrienne Hersh
Norm Janis

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Ben Schwarm

Ben Schwarm brings a wealth of experience in government relations, advocacy and member service from a successful career at previous member-driven organizations. He has worked with state legislators, members of Congress and governors to bring positive results and find common sense solutions to legislative problems. Ben is a graduate of Illinois State University where he concentrated on Mass Communications and Public Relations.

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