Sales Tax Certificate Posting Requirement

Did you know that under Illinois State law, you are required to post your certificate of registration for the Illinois Department of Revenue in a visible location? Check out this video to learn more about this important requirement.


We have a number of videos out there on sales tax and your responsibility to collect sales tax and pay sales tax to the state for things such as nutritional supplements, medical appliances, orthotics, pillows, whatever the case might be all of those then would be taxed at 1%. Though there’s a brief moratorium at least through the end of June of 2023. On nutritional supplements alone, you still should be collecting sales tax and paying sales tax on all of those items.


Now, this is the important thing for today’s video, I want to make sure that you are actually posting your Certificate of Registration with the Department of Revenue for sales tax purposes, you have to post that certificate in a conspicuous location. So we recommend if you’ve got your license posted in your practice, which you should have it, you can post it right along with that, but it should be posted probably somewhere that’s very conspicuous and where your patients can see it, possibly in your waiting room or just outside where they’re going to check out. But that Certificate of Registration must be posted in a conspicuous location. So make sure you have a copy of it. If you can’t, you can download one online, just jump out to the Department of Revenue to do that. And once you have that printed, make sure that you also then hang that up. They should be mailing one to you typically you’ll get one on a regular basis that automatically is sent to you from the Department of Revenue. Hopefully, this helps you out, get that posted, and we’ll catch you next week.

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