NGS Releases ABN Form Video

The ICS receives many calls from members regarding the Medicare ABN form. When to use it, when not to use it, using it for non-covered services, and more. Yesterday, NGS released a 5-minute video explaining the proper usage of the ABN form as it relates to these questions and more. You may access that video here:

While reviewing the video information, remember a common mistake made by Chiropractic Physicians surrounds the chiropractic manipulative technique (CMT) when it is not an active treatment for Medicare patients. Please note, that the CMT (9894x) is ALWAYS a covered service. However, it is not always reimbursable (i.e. maintenance or non-active treatment). Thus, maintenance CMT would require an ABN Form as indicated at the :30 second mark in the video. For more information on why CMT is always a covered service, please find more information here.

This video will assist Chiropractic Physicians as they determine the best times to utilize the ABN form both when it is mandatory and when it is optional.

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