New Law is Changing 2020 Medicare Fees

New Law is Changing 2020 Medicare Fees

Editors note: the 2020 fee schedule has now been posted. Details can be found in the article 2020 Medicare Fee Schedule Posted.

On December 20, 2019, President Trump signed into law the Further Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2020 (FCAA). FCAA impacts Medicare pricing for 2020 and will change your Medicare fee amounts. As a result, Medicare carriers, including NGS, have removed the 2020 pricing from their posted fee schedules.

Due to this change and the unavailability of 2020 Medicare fee schedules, we are recommending the following:

Participating Providers:

If you are a participating provider for Medicare, we encourage you to continue to bill Medicare at your normal fees.  Your bills will be processed based on the appropriate fee schedule when it becomes available.

Non-Participating Providers:

If you are NOT a participating provider for Medicare, we are recommending that you wait to submit your bills until the correct schedule is released.  However, based on the information we have, you may be able to process your claims using 2019 rates and inform your patients that additional amounts may be owed or require refunding.

The ICS will continue monitoring the availability and will notify members when we find they are available again.

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