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The Illinois Chiropractic Society now offers advanced filtering in our course catalog, letting you hide classes you’ve already completed. Enjoy a more streamlined and personalized CME experience with our updated on-demand catalog and live webinars.

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So many of our doctors over the last few years have asked us for some filtering capabilities and, one critical filtering capability, in our course catalog. Of course, CME is not all that the Illinois Chiropractic Society does for the chiropractic profession here in Illinois. But many of you use Illinois Chiropractic Society, through our on-demand catalog and our live webinars that we hold throughout the year. Sometimes it can be difficult because if you’ve already taken a class, of course, you can’t take that class again, but it yet it appears in your catalog.

We’re excited to be able to show you that, actually, now you have the ability to be able to filter out so we’ve made some changes in how that all appear. So once you’re at our website, at, really just go to our education and events. And you can jump there through our on-demand catalog or live webinars, whatever else the case may be. And once you’re here, then you have the ability to do a number of different types of filters. Of course, you can change the education type, and just look for Category One, event types, and topics. A lot of these things have already been in place.

But what I want to show you is the new functionality. So when we start looking at, say live webinars, and on this particular doctor’s account, you’ll see that when you look up all the live webinars right now, we have eight scheduled from here to the end of the year. Of course that’s growing. In fact, I believe that we’re going to be adding a few more in the coming weeks. You can see all eight of the courses that we have coming up, but this particular doctor has already registered for a few of these webinars. And so the new change is right here, under Show All Products. And so if you do this drop-down, and you can say, Hey, hide my products, this hides the products that I have already purchased in the plat paths, then you click go at that stage, it will filter out the other courses and now just leave you with in this particular case, identifying the balance link when managing concussion patients. And so this is the only course that this doctor has, in our future webinars series has not registered for at this point.

Of course, it works for any and all of the different components. So if you’re looking at everything, or if you’re just looking at the on-demand courses or other types of courses, that same filter will work and you can remove the courses that you already have in your catalog. And at that stage only book courses that you have not viewed. We’re hoping this new function that we have in the new filtering capabilities makes it easier on our doctors as they continue to use the Illinois Chiropractic Society for your CME. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us, call us at the ICS and send us an email and we look forward to hearing from you.

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