2018 Election Cycle

2018 Election Cycle

The 2018 election cycle is in full swing.  Many candidates began their campaigns last summer.  Candidates for both parties spent much of their summer and fall in 2017 collecting petition signatures to ensure their places on the ballot. They filed their petitions in late November and early December. Now they are running campaigns in hopes of winning the primary election and then the general election.

There are various federal and statewide offices up for election this year. At the federal level, all eighteen United States House of Representatives seats from Illinois are up for election. At the state level, all five constitutional officers are up for election, which includes the Governor, Attorney General, Secretary of State, Comptroller, and Treasurer. Approximately one-third of the Illinois State Senate seats are up for election. Also, all the seats in the Illinois State House of Representatives are up for election. Finally, there are various judicial races and local races.  

At this time, candidates are defending their petitions in an effort to stay on the ballots for the primary elections. In many of these races, multiple people from the same party are running.  The final candidate for each party will be decided in the upcoming primary election. The primary election will be held on March 20, 2018.

Of course, the candidate from each party who wins in the primary will run in the general election. During the general election, the winner for each office will be chosen.  The general election will be held on November 6, 2018.

The following is a summary of the candidates running for statewide constitutional offices:

Office of the Governor

 As of the writing of this article, there are two Republicans and six Democratic candidates that have filed to run for Governor. In Illinois, the Governor and the Lieutenant Governor are required to run as a team.  Current Governor Bruce Rauner and Lt. Governor Evelyn Sanguinetti are seeking another term. The other candidates for Governor and Lt. Governor are as follows:

OfficePartyFirst NameLast NameCampaign Websites
Lt GovernorREvelynSanguinettihttps://www.brucerauner.com/
Lt. GovernorRRichMorthlandhttps://ivesforillinois.com/
Lt. GovernorDJulianaStrattonhttps://www.jbpritzker.com/
Lt GovernorDRaJoyhttps://kennedyforillinois.com/
Lt GovernorDLitessaWallacehttps://www.danielbiss.com/
Lt GovernorDJonathanToddhttp://bobdaiber.com/
Lt GovernorDPatriciaAveryhttps://hardimanforillinois.org/
Lt GovernorDDennisColehttp://www.citizensforrobertmarshall.net/

Attorney General

Current Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced she would not be seeking another term. There are multiple candidates for the office with no clear front runner in the race for Attorney General. As of the writing of this article, there are two Republicans and eight Democrats running for the office.  Those running are listed below:

OfficePartyFirst NameLast NameCampaign Websites
Attorney GeneralRErikaHaroldhttps://erikaharold.com/
Attorney GeneralRGaryGrassohttp://www.grassolaw.com/our-team/gary-a-grasso/
Attorney GeneralDKwameRaoulhttps://kwameraoul.com/
Attorney GeneralDRenatoMariottihttps://renatomariotti.com/
Attorney GeneralDNancyRoteringhttps://www.friendsofnancy.com/
Attorney GeneralDScottDruryhttp://scottdrury.org/
Attorney GeneralDPatQuinnhttps://quinnforillinois.com
Attorney GeneralDSharonFairleyhttps://www.sharonfairley.com/
Attorney GeneralDJesseRuizhttps://jesse4il.com/
Attorney GeneralDAaronGoldsteinhttps://www.ag4ag.org/

Secretary of State

The Secretary of State race has three candidates. Current Secretary of State Jesse White is seeking re-election. The race for the Secretary of State will be determined in the general election because there is only one candidate from each party seeking the office in the primary election. The individuals running for the office are listed below:

OfficePartyFirst NameLast NameCampaign Websites
Secretary of StateRJasonHellandhttp://www.electhelland.com/
Secretary of StateDJesseWhiteNot Available


The race for the Comptroller will be determined during the general election because there is only one candidate from each party seeking the office in the primary election. The current Comptroller, Susana Mendoza is seeking re-election.

OfficePartyFirst NameLast NameCampaign Websites
ComptrollerRDarleneSengerNot Available


The race for Treasurer, much like the Comptroller, will be determined by the general election. There is only one candidate from each party seeking the office. The current Treasurer, Michael Frerichs, is seeking re-election.

OfficePartyFirst NameLast NameCampaign Websites

In the coming months, the ICS will be providing information to our members about the various candidates. Please continue to read the Practice EDGE for future updates, including information pertaining to the candidates’ positions on issues affecting the practice of chiropractic.

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Lindsay joined the ICS in 2017 as our Director of Governmental Relations. In addition to her Masters in Political Science, Lindsay has served on staff with the Office of the House Republican Leader as a legislative analyst. Also, she staffed the Human Services Committee (which handles Medicaid), as well as, the appropriations committee for Human Services. Prior to serving in this capacity, Lindsay was the Executive Director of the Montgomery County Economic Development Corporation, and brings a full understanding of member relations. Her friendly and bright demeanor and tenacious attitude allows the Illinois Chiropractic Society to maintain positive health care relationships and advance the chiropractic profession both at the Capitol and with regulatory bodies.

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