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Research Agenda Survey

Research Agenda Survey

The Future of Chiropractic Strategic Plan is working to establish a relevant research agenda. Please complete the questionnaire to help us determine the most important topics that the chiropractic profession should prioritize regarding future research efforts. In the video below Dr. Heidi Haavik talks about why this call to action is important.


Hi, my name is Heidi Haavik, and I really need your help. If you have anything to do with the chiropractic profession, whether you’re a patient or you’re a chiropractor, or chiropractic student, or chiropractic researcher, or a chiropractic academic lecturer, or a vendor that sells resources to chiropractors, I really, really, really need your help.


We are trying to find out what we as the stakeholders of the chiropractic profession would like to prioritize when it comes to research. So I’m hoping you could spare 15 minutes of your time, 14 minutes to do a survey where we are literally getting your input into what is most important that we study as chiropractic researchers, and one minute to share the survey with other people that you know, because we would like to get as many responses as possible. So please help me out, answer the survey and send it on to someone you know. Thank you.

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