Illinois 2024 Spring Legislative Session Update

Ben Schwarm, Director of Government Relations for the Illinois Chiropractic Society, reports from the Illinois State Capitol on the final day of the 2024 spring legislative session, highlighting efforts to influence legislation affecting chiropractic practices.


Hi, this is Ben Schwarm, Director of Government Relations for the Illinois Chiropractic Society. I’m here out in front of the House Chambers at the Illinois State Capitol on Tuesday, May 28, that is expected to be the last day of the spring legislative session for 2024. The targeted adjournment date was actually last Friday, May 24, but due to some delays in budget negotiations, some extra days are needed for the legislators to get all their work done. So the House worked late into the night on Friday. And then they were sent home for the rest of the holiday weekend. And they are back today. The Senate worked into the night on Saturday night, cast their version of a 2025 fiscal year state budget and some other big-ticket items, and sent those over to the House. Then the Senate adjourned for the rest of the summer. So today the House is expected to come in and address the budget bill that was sent to them and a few other issues that had been pending out there and end up their work late tonight. Probably a little past midnight.


So ICS has been in the Capitol pretty much every day during the spring legislative session, watching out for issues that would somehow impact either negatively or positively, your chiropractic practice. several bills that were detrimental to the practice have been stopped for this session. And a few other bills have been passed that we will be reporting on soon. So look for those updates coming to you. Some of those addressed in insurance reform that the governor had put forward and several issues that affect you as you run your chiropractic practice as a small business. So continue to look for our updates, and we will be bringing those to you as they arise. Also look for some updated administrative rules that have been adopted regarding legislation that was passed last year, such as the Paid Leave for All Workers Act and the Medical Practice Act. So that’s it for now for the Capitol, and we will see you soon.

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Ben Schwarm

Ben Schwarm brings a wealth of experience in government relations, advocacy and member service from a successful career at previous member-driven organizations. He has worked with state legislators, members of Congress and governors to bring positive results and find common sense solutions to legislative problems. Ben is a graduate of Illinois State University where he concentrated on Mass Communications and Public Relations.

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