IDPFR Has Contacted Me

IDPFR Has Contacted Me

IDPFR has contacted my office and wants to talk to me, what should I do?

Although an attorney is not required, the ICS recommends you get an attorney early in the process, preferably before talking substantively with the investigator.

Even if you think that IDFPR is investigating something “minor,” the ICS recommends that you communicate with the agency through your attorney. IDFPR investigators cannot close cases, even those cases that seem inconsequential.  Any information you provide to the investigator will be included in investigative reports that follow the entire course of the case and will be reviewed by the IDFPR Medical Coordinator, prosecutors, and the Medical Disciplinary Board.   Therefore, it is very important that you proceed thoughtfully at the beginning of the case.  At a later stage, the IDFPR may decide whether to recommend further prosecution based on the initial information you gave to the investigator.


You should also contact your liability insurer when you become aware of an investigation.  Many policies have coverage for attorneys’ fees incurred in defending these cases. 

For detailed information on what to do in the case of investigations, including how and when to give information to investigators, please see the article on IDFPR Investigations.

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